The AHR Valley is famous for its hiking trails.


You can trek the sunny "Red Wine Trail" an easy to navigate track, or continue to the Ahrsteig hiking trail that links with the Eifel and the Rhine (this can be a challenging trail).


Further information about the "Red Wine Trail" can be found here:




The Ahrsteig trail and further information can be found here:



There are also beautiful hiking trails located in the Sahrbachtal area, more information can be found here:


There is much to discover in the Ahr valley

Experience the Ahr valley from its most beautiful side! Here are a few recommendations: 

  • A visit to the former government bunker is worth the trip! Especially in bad weather. More information can be found here: HERE
  • In the summer you can sledge on the nearby summer toboggan run: HERE
  • If you are historically interested we recommend a visit to the restored Roman villa: HERE