It is no coincidence that the Ahr Valley is one of the most beautiful regions in the Eifel area. Ahr is beautiful in every way!


Far beyond the borders, the wild and romantic Ahr is known for excellent wine, which grows on the steep, sun-drenched hillside. Here, old winegrowing art meets a favored geographical position.


If you enjoy your wine, you will be sure to love the wine of the AHR region.

The AHR valley has so much more to offer than just wine.

Experience the magic of the first green in spring and let yourself be captivated by the nature, escape the hectic rush of the city in the heat of summer and enjoy with us the freshness on the banks of the Ahr.


Or let yourself drift into the special atmosphere of autumn, which turns the leaves of the vineyards and the forests into the most beautiful colors. It is a perfect time of the year to relax.


Experience the royal blue shimmering kingfisher that runs along the river or the rut of the red deer when the dear are in abundance. The air is now filled with the scent of balsam (a sweet smelling perfume) and the light of the deeper sun has a special charm.


Discover the AHR in Winter when the frost covers the vines with a special sparkle. Hike through and relax at the end of the day with a welcome drink.


No matter what season you head to the Ahr Valley, you will always be able to leave everyday life behind and recharge your batteries. The Ahr is pure nature in every way! Be very welcome and look forward to a special adventure!